Showfit was the best possible preparatory course I could have asked for in terms of making real industry connections and gaining insight into the professional performance world. It provided me with a rich learning environment that fostered individual creativity and most importantly, allowed for maximum growth as a performer and as an artist.
— Emily Milledge - Antigone, Antigone Malthouse (2015), Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz Belvoir Street Theatre (2015)
“Showfit was an absolute blessing!
The knowledge I acquired across all disciplines in one year was extraordinary. It was the best decision I could’ve made to kickstart my training.”
— Kiana Daniele VCA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Music Theatre The Boy From Oz, The Production Company
‘I will be forever grateful to have spent my first year out of high school learning from the brilliant industry professionals who make up the SHOWFIT team. I absolutely credit my successful application to NIDA at the end of that year to the wonderful teachers who invested in my progress so keenly. The training is exceptional. It formed the back bone of my creative practice, and I rely upon it to this day.’
— Enya Daly 2017 NIDA Acting grad and recipient of the 2017 BBM Youth Support Award
Showfit taught me skills that not only got me into WAAPA but that have served me well in auditions and in the rehearsal room since. The up to date knowledge from core staff and guest teachers currently in the industry were an invaluable stepping stone into a career in the performing arts. I am indebted to Showfit for teaching me how to behave and think like a professional.
— Nick Eynaud- WAAPA 2014, Melbourne Theatre Company, Black Swan State Theatre Company.
“Showfit is such a wonderful course, lead by a fantastic team of tutors and industry professionals. My year training there really developed my skills in the three disciplines of music theatre, giving me the confidence I needed to continue my studies at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).”
— Majella Davis Showfit 2015
“Initially I had my heart set on VCA or WAAPA coming out of school, and I did Showfit in preparation to get into these universites. A year after doing Showfit, I did my first professional show through connections I had made through the course, and got into my dream uni, VCA. After doing both courses I can confidently say that Showfit is as good as any tertiary university!”
— Francesca O’Donnell- (VCA graduate, National tour of Sweet Charity, Luckiest Productions)
Showfit inspired and nurtured my uniqueness and individuality as an artist.
Without Showfit, I wouldn’t have approached my drama school auditions with the specificity, detail and passion that I did, leading to admission into my dream school, the VCA. Showfit was one of the BEST things I did for my career and I really couldn’t speak more highly of it.
— Alessandra Merlo (VCA graduate, 2017/2018 Rob Guest Endowment Top 30 Semi Finalist)
I came to Showfit having already preformed professionally in TV & Film, I Believed I had gotten roles mainly by using my instincts, which is important, but to take the next step as a performer. I felt I needed to learn how to structure scenes better and dive deeper into character development, to ultimately add further polish to my performance. Through Showfit I was able to gain these tools and many other important skills that I have already been able to put to great use. It has changed me as a performer for the better.
— Stephen Lopez - Pirates of the Caribbean (2015), In The Heights (2015/2016), Here Come the Habibs (2015)
As cliched as it sounds, Showfit literally did change my life. Not only did we receive the best training across all the necessary fields to be successful in musical theatre, but we also were taught and mentored by some of the industry’s best, who are currently working professionally, giving us the most relevant and up to date information. Everyday i was inspired by those around me and by what i learnt. The Showfit Musical Theatre Course transformed me from someone who dreamt of being on the stage or screen, to someone ready to go out and audition in the real world.
— Amy Ruffle - Mako Mermaids (2012-14), Paul Kelly’s Last Train (2011)
SHOWFIT taught me how to truly explore in my acting, my singing and my dancing. I will always be grateful for everything I learnt in the course as I believe it has pushed me to where I am today!
— Jack Pearson - Winners and Losers (2011-14), Nim's Island II (2012)
‘After already having a strong dance background, I completed the Showfit course in 2011 to try and become a more well-rounded musical theatre performer, and to focus on my voice and acting skills. Since graduating, I have been lucky to work consistently overseas, in Germany and now currently in Scandinavia (where I am now performing my second musical in the Danish language!!!) I feel incredibly indebted to all my teachers at Showfit - who in my opinion are a world class faculty. The course gave me everything I needed to refine, experiment, and develop my skills to become a more confident, fearless, and intelligent performer. I could not have entered into the musical theatre industry without this wonderful course.’
— Rachel Ireson - Ensemble Shu-bi-dua the Musical Fredericia Teater, Denmark (2015)

SHOWFIT was a great foundation year that developed and nurtured my skills as a performer. We were surrounded by many industry professionals on a regular basis, and were exposed to various techniques in areas of acting, dance, voice and singing.
— Jason Kos - NIDA (Musical Theatre) 2011, Miracle City (2014), Home & Away (2014), Arms & The Man (2015)
Showfit gives you complete creative freedom to expand and grow into a well-rounded performer. The diversity of classes and tutors did not just broaden my education of the industry but helped shape my own personal performance style.
— Laura Johnston - WAAPA (Musical Theatre) 2011, Hitchcock Birds (2015), Hook Up (2014)
The teachers are so passionate it makes me want to be better, just by being in their classes.
— Brent Trotter - Jersey Boys (2011) / Grandma from Gooligulch Australian Tour (2011), Ned The Musical (2015), Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery (2013)
Showfit has helped me a lot to discover who I am as a performer
— Max Simon - Mount Rennie - Australia on Trial, VCA (Music Theatre 2014)